The Ultimate Engagement Platform

We help employers transform their employee engagement. Our products and services combine cutting edge technology and data analysis, with decades of business experience to help drive better commercial performance through increased productivity.

Market-leading Employee Surveys

Measure, track and improve your employee engagement with our range of progressive market-leading self-service and bespoke surveys:


Engagement Survey

Our engagement survey measures how employees feel across the six drivers of engagement - Reward and Recognition, Information Sharing, Empowerment, Well being, Pride and Job Satisfaction.


Diversity and Inclusion Survey

Our D&I survey tracks how employees from all backgrounds feel about their work and provides structured support and guidance for management.


Well Being Survey

Our well being survey allows organisations to assess the mental, physical and financial well being of their employees.


New Starter and Exit Surveys

Our new starter and exit surveys track the sentiment of new starters as part of their onboarding and exiting employees to better understand their reasons for leaving.


Appraisal and Review Surveys

Our appraisal and review surveys help employees and managers prepare for appraisals, creating a structure for meaningful conversations and ability to track changes over time.


WorkL Workplace Awards

Boost your entries and secure your organisations place in our WorkL Workplace Awards, supported by The Telegraph. Receive instant data and insights on employee engagement, flight risk and more with this one-off survey. Final entries must be submitted by 15th October.

Why use WorkL For Business?

As well as offering a range of flexible employee engagement surveys that offer people instant feedback, we also have one of the world’s largest employee engagement databases.

It means you can benchmark how you’re doing versus your competitors and in your overall sector. We currently have employee engagement data on over 15,000 organisations across 26 sectors globally.

We offer our clients individualised active action planning for managers and their employees based on their survey results - helping your people be all that they can be.

We are also able to offer full consulting support and training packages to help you unlock your survey results to drive positive results.

We are trusted by a range of clients from major global brands to smaller local businesses.

Want to get started?

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WorkL Recruitment Services

Hundreds of thousands of employees use WorkL for their career development. We provide flexible recruitment services to promote your organisation and help you attract the best-fit talent from our pool of engaged candidates.


Lord Mark Price discusses workplace engagementFounder of WorkL, Lord Mark Price discusses why he set up WorkL, the importance of engaged employees and workplace happiness.
Monthly reports
We publish monthly reports on all areas of employee engagement. To preview and purchase reports click learn more.
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