The WorkL Workplace Awards closing date for entries is15th October 2021

WorkL Workplace Awards 2021, supported by The Telegraph

The WorkL Workplace Awards 2021, supported by The Telegraph recognises organisations which have achieved high levels of employee engagement over the last year. So far over 16,000 organisations have been entered by their employees across 26 sectors. The closing date for the awards is the 15th October and the winners will be announced on the 26th October on our site and through The Telegraph.

WorkL Workplace Awards Survey, supported by The Telegraph
To enter your organisation and receive instant, world-leading, comparative data and insight on your employees’ sentiment right now you can send out the WorkL Workplace Awards survey to your employees. The self-serve survey takes just 15 minutes to set up and send out and costs £2,500.
Get instant world-leading, comparative data on your employees’ sentiment
Find out how engaged your employees are compared with your industry and competitors
Option for all employees to receive personal feedback, insights and career development support
Diversity and Inclusion Index - measures the difference between minority and majority groups and indicates how inclusive an organisation is
Confidence in management Index - indicates the % confidence your employees have in management
Flight Risk Index - identifies the % of employees who are at high risk (70%) of leaving your organisation within the next 9 months
Well being Index - identifies a % of employees that have the highest risk of poor well being
Awards Categories
Every organisation with an average workplace satisfaction score of above 60% on the 15th October will be a WorkL Workplace Awards Finalist. Our winners will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze status. Additionally we’ll recognise the following:
1. Industry star - top performers from our 26 industry categories
2. Most Inclusive organisations - covering Sexual Orientation, Ethnicity, Gender and Disability
3. Best in well being
4. Most engaged employees
When is the cut-off date for employee entries?
15th October at 23.59.
When must my survey have closed for my entries to be recorded?
Your survey must close by 15th October at 23.59.
How can I see where my organisation currently stands?
To view the real-time data detailing the workplaces with the highest satisfaction score click here.
When can I launch my survey?
You can set up and launch your survey now. Follow the instructions for the WorkL Workplace Awards Survey above.
How many employees should I get to complete the survey?
As many as possible!
When will the awards be announced?
The award winners will be announced on the 26th October.

Don't miss out on securing your spot on the WorkL Workplace Awards List by taking the Workplace Awards survey. Get started today and set up your survey.

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