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Our world leading data
world leading data
Through our WorkL for Individuals, over 250,000 employees have taken the Workplace Happiness survey. As a result we have employee experience data on over 35,000 organisations across 26 industries.You can view the live data on our Happiest Companies list. By clicking on any organisation you will see a breakdown of their performance including demographic groups compared to the scores not only within their industry but also global scores.
world leading data
world leading data
Bespoke reporting
world leading data
Using our extensive data we are able to write reports on industry sectors, nationally & internationally.To request one of our bespoke reports please contact us.
Our insights reports
world leading data
We produce detailed data insight reports on specific topics and sectors to provide an in-depth discussion into themes including:
• Age• Working from home• Diversity & Inclusion• Wellbeing• Career Development
Within our reports, Data is broken down by demographics including Age, Gender and Ethnicity. Findings are also presented and compared within both country and industry.
world leading data
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