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Workplace Awards

Entries are now open for awards in the UK, Ireland, Australia South Africa and the UAE! Help attract, recruit and retain employees.

Market-leading employee experience surveys and insight

Measure, track and improve employee experience with our market-leading surveys and predictive data analytics delivered through our intuitive dashboards. Our self-service, standard and bespoke surveys are designed to meet the needs of all organisations globally, no matter the shape or size.

WorkL's ‘Instant Action Software’™ instantly analyses large complex data sets to pinpoint development areas. We then provide action plans with uniquely tailored resources for managers at all levels as well as team members, if required, to improve performance.


Self Serve Surveys

Ideal for small and medium organisations, and as pulse surveys for large organisations, with flexible surveys to measure employee experience, wellbeing and more. Quick and easy to set up.


Improving Employee Experience

Our employee experience survey measures the key components which influence employee experience. From this we then deliver easy to use, practical insights to all levels of management and, if you wish, for your employees too. We offer annual, pulse and/or always-on surveys.


Workplace Awards

Entries are now open for awards in the UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, the UAE, and for our global WorkL Happiest Workplaces Awards!


WorkL Happiest Workplaces 2023 Logos and Certificates

If your organisation has been recognised as one of the happiest places to work you can download your logo and certificate to promote your organisation’s achievement.


Monitor and improve Wellbeing

Assess the mental, physical and financial wellbeing of employees with our Wellbeing surveys to address challenges immediately. Our Instant Action Software™ delivers clear actions and insights immediately, recommending steps, measures and processes to improve employee retention and minimise flight risk.


Diversity & Inclusion Survey

Our Diversity & Inclusion surveys track how employees from all backgrounds feel about their work and provide structured support and guidance for management.


Appraisal and Review Surveys

Our Appraisal and Review surveys allow both employees and management prepare to upcoming appraisals and reviews, creating an effective structure for meaningful conversations and measuring change and development over time.


New Starter and Exit Surveys

Measure the sentiment of new starters and leavers with our specially formulated, always-on, New Starter and Exit surveys. Our Instant Action Software™ delivers clear actions and insights immediately, recommending steps, measures and processes to improve employee retention and minimise flight risk.


Change management

Our platform is used to support change management projects by listening to employees feedback throughout the process. Our experienced consultants can help you analyse and act on what you’ve heard to achieve the best outcomes.


Collect supply chain feedback

Our supply chain surveys effectively monitor the sentiment of your supply chain partners and provide development areas. When linked to employee experience and customer results they provide a full picture of stakeholder engagement.


Collect customer feedback

Our customer experience surveys are designed to improve customer experience and link to employee experience results to get a full picture of organisational effectiveness. Customer surveys can be viewed on your corporate dashboard alongside employee and supply chain surveys bringing all your employee experience data into one place.


24/7 Listening App

Give employees a 24/7 voice, ask pulse questions and comunicate with your workforce through our Listen App. Collect constant insights into how your workforce are feeling and top of mind issues.

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Why use WorkL For Business?

We know that to effectively improve employee experience and commercial performance each management level needs appropriate, easy to use and actionable insights aligned to your business objectives. Our holistic approach is proven to improve retention and sick absence, and when linked with our customer and supply chain sentiment surveys, tracks progress in productivity and commercial performance.

As well as offering flexible surveys covering an employee’s life cycle, we also have the world's largest live employee experience database.

It means you can benchmark how you are doing against your competitors and within your sector. Our database currently has employee experience data on over 70,000+ organisations across 26 sectors.

Our Instant Action Software™ provides immediate individualised action plans that deliver specific and targeted actions for all levels of management or individuals based on their survey results - helping your people be the best they can be.

We don’t just stop at results and action planning, we can also offer full consulting support and training packages to help you unlock your survey results to drive improved performance.

We are trusted by major global brands internationally and smaller local organisations.

Over 95% of our customers renew and we have a customer NPS score of 96% (2022 data).

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Workplace Awards

Our annual Workplace Awards recognise organisations who have consistently high levels of employee experience and wellbeing. There are two ways to enter: 1. Best Places to Work, powered by WorkL for UK, Ireland or Australia and 2. WorkL’s international Happiest Workplaces List.

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