Employee Surveys

Use our WorkL for Business surveys to help you measure, track and improve employee happiness and engagement.

Our approach to employee surveys

After 3 decades working for the John Lewis Partnership, latterly as Deputy Chairman and MD Waitrose, our founder, Lord Mark Price wanted to use his practical experience to help individuals and organisations improve their happiness and engagement at work.

Mark worked with scientists, psychologists, business experts and academics to design our standard engagement survey. It covers 6 key areas, Reward and Recognition, Information Sharing, Empowerment, Well Being, Pride and Job Satisfaction, known to be fundamental to an individuals happiness (and engagement) at work. And also two groups of questions on purpose and confidence to measure organisational effectiveness.

Profits 20% higher
Staff turnover lower
Productivity 20% higher
Sick absence lower
Waste 43% lower
Earnings per share 134% higher

In addition to this, Mark’s desire for a better engagement survey led to the following:


Instant results rather than waiting a while for feedback.


Feedback and active action plans for employees as well as managers so they can take responsibility for their own development.


High flexibility so the survey could be taken by an individual, for instance new starters or on exit, a department or the whole business and whenever needed.


Market leading live comparable data to accurately benchmark performance and gain added insight on areas for development.

To get a flavour of what we offer try our FREE Workplace Happiness Survey for individuals. Results are anonymous.

Your survey options

For smaller organisations we can offer self service standard and bespoke surveys. They start from as little as £500. To find out more click here for free sign up and to view options.

For medium and large organisations we offer a range of enterprise options depending on the HR systems you are using and what level of integration you would like. Please contact us to help us better understand your requirements.


Engagement Survey

Our engagement survey measures how employees feel across the six drivers of engagement - Reward and Recognition, Information Sharing, Empowerment, Well being, Pride and Job Satisfaction.


Diversity and Inclusion Survey

Our D&I survey tracks how employees from all backgrounds feel about their work and provides structured support and guidance for management.


Wellbeing Survey

Our well being survey allows organisations to assess the mental, physical and financial well being of their employees.


New Starter & Exit Survey

Our new starter and exit surveys track the sentiment of new starters as part of their onboarding and exiting employees to better understand their reasons for leaving.


Appraisal and Review Surveys

Our appraisal and review surveys help employees and managers prepare for appraisals, creating a structure for meaningful conversations and ability to track changes over time.


WorkL Workplace Awards

Boost your entries and secure your organisations place in our WorkL Workplace Awards, supported by The Telegraph. Receive instant data and insights on employee engagement, flight risk and more with this one-off survey. Final entries must be submitted by 15th October.

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View and analyse results

Employees as well as managers, get instant results and development recommendations. They are able to compare their scores with global and industry averages.

Managers receive unique analytics via a dynamic dashboard together with active action planning. Results help identify trends and opportunities to improve engagement. Employees can be reassured that all data is anonymous.

Create a free account to see a demonstration results dashboard & self serve survey set up.

Training, Consultancy & Speakers

To support our engagement surveys we offer the following additional services:

We offer a number of training packages to help educate your staff.
Employee Engagement Consultancy
Our Engagement Consultants have over 300 years combined HR experience and can advise on improving employee engagement and workplace happiness within your organisation.
We have a number of speakers who can talk to your organisation about how to build an engaged business with practical steps and examples based on the Six Steps to Workplace Happiness.
“The format has supported good, meaningful conversations”- Fairtrade Foundation

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