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Our cutting edge surveys and in-depth data analysis helps leaders at all levels effectively measure, track and improve employees experience through the entire employee lifecycle.

Our Approach

After 3 decades working for the John Lewis Partnership, (whose supreme purpose is the happiness of their employees) latterly as Deputy Chairman and Managing Director Waitrose, WorkL founder, Lord Mark Price, was inspired to use his practical experience to help both individuals and organisations improve their employee experience.

Mark and the WorkL team combined their experience with insight from behavioural scientists, psychologists, and academics to design our standard employee experience survey. The goal is to give managers at all levels data and practical action plans to improve their teams performance. This is done by our Instant Action Software™ that analyses complex data sets of any volume to pinpoint areas of strength.

Our approach is proven to improve retention and sick absence and commercial performance when linked to our customers and supplier survey data. The survey covers 6 key areas shown to effectively measure engagement and happiness at work:

Reward and Recognition
Information Sharing
Instilling Pride
Job Satisfaction

To cover the full employee lifecycle we offer a further range of surveys and analysis including:

Change Management

To additionally measure business objectives, organisations can add their own questions and branding to fully bespoke their survey. And when linked to our customer and supplier surveys we can further help drive commercial performance.

Lord Mark Price discusses workplace engagementFounder of WorkL, Lord Mark Price discusses why he set up WorkL, the importance of employee experience and workplace happiness.
Profits 20% higher
Staff turnover lower
Productivity 20% higher
Sick absence lower
Waste 43% lower
Earnings per share 134% higher

Mark and the WorkL team’s desire to build a better employee experience survey for organisations and deliver change faster led to the development of the following unique elements:


Our Instant Action Software™ allows for immediate action planning to become available for all employees so everyone can take responsibility for personal development and organisational culture.


Ultimate flexibility across survey frequency, question sets and delivery methods to ensure each organisation can measure what is most important to them, across the whole business, a department or business unit when required.


The development points, guidance and supportive materials provided by our Instant Action Software™ stand as an integral part of an individual's learning and development, and can be tailored for each organisation.


Action planning for all employees so everyone can take responsibility for personal development and organisational culture.


We have the world’s largest live database of employee sentiment which means you can benchmark your organisation against your competitors, industry and globally.

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Your survey options

For smaller organisations we can offer self service standard and bespoke surveys. They start from as little as £500. To find out more click here for free sign up and to view options.

For medium and large organisations we offer a range of enterprise options depending on the HR systems you are using and what level of integration you would like. Please contact us to help us better understand your requirements.


Improving Employee Experience

Our employee experience survey measures the key components which influence employee experience. From this we then deliver easy to use, practical insights to all levels of management and, if you wish, for your employees too. We offer annual, pulse and/or always-on surveys.


Diversity & Inclusion Survey

Our Diversity & Inclusion surveys track how employees from all backgrounds feel about their work and provide structured support and guidance for management.


Monitor and improve Wellbeing

Assess the mental, physical and financial wellbeing of employees with our Wellbeing surveys to address challenges immediately. Our Instant Action Software™ delivers clear actions and insights immediately, recommending steps, measures and processes to improve employee retention and minimise flight risk.


New Starter & Exit Survey

Measure the sentiment of new starters and leavers with our specially formulated, always-on, New Starter and Exit surveys. Our Instant Action Software™ delivers clear actions and insights immediately, recommending steps, measures and processes to improve employee retention and minimise flight risk.


Appraisal and Review Surveys

Our Appraisal and Review surveys allow both employees and management prepare to upcoming appraisals and reviews, creating an effective structure for meaningful conversations and measuring change and development over time.


24/7 Listening App

Our Listen App gives employees a voice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ask pulse questions and communicate with your workforce to collect constant feedback and insight into how your workforce are feeling and issues within the workplace that may be affecting their wellbeing.


Change Management

Our platform is used to support change management projects within organisations by listening to employee feedback throughout the process. Our team of experienced consultants and people science experts can help you to analyse and action feedback to achieve the best possible outcomes.


Collect customer feedback

Our customer experience surveys are designed to not only improve the customer experience but also link to employee experience results to provide a full picture of organisational effectiveness. Customer surveys can be viewed on your corporate dashboard alongside employee and supply chain surveys to bring your entire employee experience data into once place.


Collect supply chain feedback

Our supply chain surveys effectively monitor the sentiment of your supply chain partners and provide development areas. When linked to employee experience and customer results they provide a full picture of stakeholder employee experience.


Instant Action Software™

Instantly analyses complex data sets of any volume to pinpoint areas of strength and those of opportunity for managers and their teams by slicing a range of demographics including: location, management level, age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability data.

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View and analyse results

WorkL’s Instant Action Software™ provides immediate, specific and targeted actions to employees as well as managers for development. They are able to compare their scores with global and industry averages.

Development areas, priorities and targets are fed into a daily planner, which can be shared, along with guidance and supportive materials to improve both individual and team performance without delay. Notifications and updates, which can be determined and sent out by management, ensure actions are efficiently and effectively completed and that no actions are forgotten.

Managers also receive unique analytics via a dynamic dashboard to identify trends and opportunities to improve employee experience. Employees can be reassured that all data is anonymous.

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Training, Consultancy & Speakers

To support our engagement surveys we offer the following additional services:

We offer a number of training packages to help educate your staff.
Employee Experience Consultancy
Our employee experience consultants have over 300 years combined HR experience and can advise on improving employee experience and workplace happiness within your organisation.
We have a number of speakers who can talk to your organisation about how to build an happier workplace with practical steps and examples based on the Six Steps to Workplace Happiness.
“The format has supported good, meaningful conversations”- Fairtrade Foundation

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